Custom Watches

Tenacity is an officially licensed US Navy Vendor for making and distributing watches. We design watches for different branches of the Navy such as The Bubblehead or the Anchor Watch.

We also do custom designs for watches as per your requirements. Our minimum quantity for a custom watch order is 50 units.

Example of a custom watch order deployed for USS Connecticut:

Here's how it works:

1. Fill the form below with your information and make your deposit. (Your deposit will get applied to your balance and covers your design and sample watch)

2. We'll reach out to you and finalize the watch design and order details.

3. We require full payment once the order is finalized and after payment is received, a sample watch is prepared in approximately a month.

4. We'll share pictures of the sample watch, and after your approval we will send the watches into production.

5. We will ship the watches to you within approximately 2 months after sample is finalized.

Fill the form below to start your custom watch order: