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Great watch

I've had this watch for a few months now, and I'm impressed with the quality. Watch looks amazing and runs great. Only downside is the Miyota movement can be a bit load(but as a former STS I can't hear anything anyway)

I used a free time grapher on my phone and was able to easily adjust the watch to an -1 second loss per day, and using a automatic watch winder, this thing keeps great time and never dies.


Though it’s a beautiful watch, I continue to get fogging in the face. I’m not sure what’s wrong, it’s just from walking outside, maybe washing my hands, somehow there’s moisture inside the watch.

Hi Joseph,

To fix the fogging, please ensure the crown is screwed in nice and tight. To clear it out. 1st open the crown and aloow it to sit unused for a few days. Once it dries completely, turn the crown towards you until it is nice an tight.

If you still have issues after that, please contact us via text for a replacement.


Have not received product as of yet.

Hi Wayne,

First and foremost, we assure you that your security and satisfaction are paramount to us. We received a medium-risk fraud alert for your order. Our robust fraud prevention measures are implemented to safeguard our customers and our business against potential risks. While these alerts are rare, we take each one seriously and investigate thoroughly to ensure the integrity of every transaction. Once your identity is verified, we will ship your item immediately. Please call our customer support number at your earliest convenience.

Bob Abbott
Looks Great, Runs LOUD!

The watch looks and feels great. The movement, however, is very loud. Like, “my wife can hear it while sitting 3’ away” Loud! A little research uncovers noise as a common/major fault of the Miyota 8215 movement used by Tenacity. Hey Tenacity - USE A QUIETER MOVEMENT!!!

Patricia Sargent
The bubblehead (silver)

Thank you

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